Apple gives developers a surprise: iOS6 update to be tested

appleAll mobile users want to experience the best performance from their smart phones. Updated software’s have a pivotal role in fulfilling this necessity.  Understanding this trend Apple’s most discussed operating system, iOS6 is getting new updates prior to its release which is expected later this year. The upgrade software was handed over to the developers during the developers’ conference earlier this month to scrutinize for possible glitches before it moves out to the public. The beta version provided to the developers is the first of its kind after the iPhone becoming a trend setter globally. There were reports of customer dissatisfaction owing to the unavailability of updates for its iOS. In the wake of this the company decided to introduce over-the air-update option after the release of its iOS5 platform.

The news about the software update appeared in the blog 9to5mac, along with screenshots of the updated OS. The OS will use an additional 299MB space for iPhone 4S, 322MB for iPhone 4 and 497MB for 3G iPad. According to Apple sources more updates will be tested before the release, so as to provide a glitch free OS to its customers. Apple, prior to the release of its iOS5, tested seven beta versions to ward off any possible errors. During this process they rectified many bugs and also added features like the WiFi sync , Multikasking Gestures and much more.

Apple’s press release states that the new iOS6 comes with more than 200 features, which were not available in its iOS5 version. This includes the updated Map, with improved navigation facility that support 3D view of the landmarks and heritage sites, turn-by-turn navigation and improved traffic. The iOS6 Siri now supports more languages, with improved database about sports, restaurants and movies. The update also includes the option to reject an incoming call with a message, which can be set from the available  templates or by typing a custom message. In addition to this you can set reminders to get back to the person after reaching the destination. Do Not Disturb option can be activated to hide all incoming services for a set time duration.

It is presumed that iOS6 will be released in the public domain during the later half of this year.  The update will be free of cost and can be downloaded and installed using over-the-air on all compatible devices starting from iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPod Touch (4G), iPad 2 & the new iPad. While the installation process, all data will be backed up in iTunes and will be restored automatically after the completion of the process. This reduces the risk of losing data and important contacts from the phone during the upgradation.

iOS6 doesn’t come as a game changer but with more features and apps added to the list iOS6 will be a stand out among its competitors. The new release comes at a time when the Android and Windows OS is getting ready to take the game away from the iOS. While these competitors tie up with highly acclaimed companies like Nokia and Samsung.


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